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10 Places In India You Can Visit in 2016

10 Places In India You Can Visit in 2016
If you're fed up with your office life then here is list you should visit and feel calm

1. Kaza - Himachal pradesh

Spiti Valley is one of the most attractive hidden gems of North India. Straddling the river Spiti, it is home to numerous of the divinest of Buddhist destinations as well as some of the most widespread tourist destinations.
Ideal for: friends and family
Ideal duration: 2-3 days
Best time to visit: May-July
How to reach: Kullu Airport at Kullu is the nearest airport. Shimla is the nearest railway station from Kaza. Roadways from Delhi to Shimla and then take a cab.
Things to do:
  • Spectate the Chunpa fue or walk to ancient traditional meditation centre at Lari Dupuk.
  • Visit the Millennium Monastery, Gue mummy or Dhankar monastery and rock carving at Tabo.
  • Hike to Angla and Phela – nomadic plains on the hills north of Tabo
  • Go for a traditional phootoshot at Nadang Lhakhang and attend the cultural show (cham dance), with local food and tea.
  • Walk to famous rangrik rewa cave, visit the Snow point Kunzom and if lucky enjoy the Snow Leopard / Ibex sighting and river rafting.
2. Zanskar - Kashmir

About 20 kms south-east of Rangdum stands the Panzila axis, across which lies Zanskar, the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys. The Penzila pass (4,401m) is a picturesque tableland surrounded by snow-covered peaks. As the Zanskar road winds down the steep slopes of Penzi-la to the head of the Stod valley, the majestic " Drang-Drung" glacier looms into full view. 
A long and winding river of ice and snow, "Drang-Drung" is perhaps the largest glacier in Ladakh, outside the Siachen formation. It is from the cliff-like snout of this extensive glacier that the Stod or Doda tributary of the Zanskar River rises. The spectacular Himalayan landscape and the lifestyles of the inhabitants attract many tourists to the hidden kingdom of Zanskar.

3. Parvati Valley - Himachal pradesh

With its sub-zero temperatures and semi-frozen rivers, Pin Valley is the only cold desert National Park located in Himachal Pradesh. The park lies in the valley of the Pin river, from where it derives its name. Spreading south of Dhankar in the Spiti district near the Tibetan border, the reserve forms a natural interface between the Lahaul and Spiti divisions of the state.

  4. Gurudongmar Lake - Sikkim

5. Bum La Pass Tawang - Arunachal Pradesh

6. Nohkalikai Falls - Meghalaya

7. Pangong tso - Ladakh

8. Triund - Dharmshala - Himachal pradesh

9. Dzukou Valley - Nagaland

10 Jaisalmer - Rajasthan

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How to Make Personal Cloud Storage Network

How to Make your Own Personal Cloud Storage Network

Cloud Storage Services has become more and more popular, specially when mobile devices like Android smartphones/Tablets, iPhones and iPads became popular. They usually offer a free 5GB of cloud storage for Free accounts. But how about what if you need more storage, this means you have to pay for their subscriptions already. Cloud Storage can be expensive, specially if we are talking about TeraBytes of capacity already. But what if you want to have your own personal cloud storage network, where all your files is just sitting at your home? What if there is a cheaper solution? Well, fortunately there is! In this article, let me show you how to make your own personal cloud storage network, where you can easily share and access your files whether in your home or office network, or anywhere in the world.
How to Make Personal Cloud Storage Network

Things You Need for Personal Cloud Storage

What will you be needing to build your own personal cloud storage network? You just need a device for this, like your own server (except that it’s not really a server). You will be needing a NAS (netowrk attached storage) device, like Drobo, Buffalo CloudStor or an Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive, Cloud Edition. But the most user-friendly, and does not need a technical knowledge, is the Western Digital My Book Live Duo Personal Cloud Storage Drive. And of course, you will also be needing a Gigabit Router (like Western Digital My Net N900, Linksys EA4500, ASUS RT-N66U Gigabit Router), an internet connection and your mobile device.
These devices delivers what a cloud storage service offers. So instead of uploading all your files to a company’s server, like DropBox or iCloud, all your files are placed in your own cloud storage drives and you just access your files directly from your own personal cloud storage drive anywhere in the world. It’s that easy and simple.
The WD My Book Live Duo is easy to setup. Just unpack it, connect it to your Gigabit router, set it up and your good to go. All the things you need to know how to set it up is included in the package. It’s very user friendly and easy to understand.

The Price Difference

Let’s do the costing to see the price difference if you choose a cloud storage service to put all your files or if you choose to have your own personal cloud storage:
The Western Digital My Book Live Duo with 6TB capacity (two 3TB WD Green hard drive included) is priced at around $426.99, while the 4TB (two 2TB WD Green HDD included) is priced at around $351.99.
Meanwhile, a cloud storage service like Dropbox, for their 1TB it will cost you $795 per year, Google Drive’s 1TB will cost your $599.88 per year, SugarSync’s 100GB will cost you $399.99 per year.
Did you see the difference? The price difference is big actually. With WD My Book Live Duo, you get a personal cloud storage with up to 6TB of capacity. While in cloud storage services, they only offer 1TB at a much higher cost per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Cloud Storage Drive

Advantages of Personal Cloud Storage Drive:
Aside from the large capacity that you can have with a personal cloud storage drive like the My Book Live Duo, you can actually save a lot of money. You will also have 100% full control and access to your files since you own the device and the physical drives are just sitting in your home. You can also set it up and make it a source of your home entertainment system.
But personal cloud storage has also its disadvantages:
Your device, like My Book Live Duo should be turned-on and should be connected to the internet at all times for you to access the files at any time.
Since the My Book Live Duo uses a WD Green hard drive, and not an enterprise-class hard drive, there is a chance that the hard drive will fail, taking all your data with it. That is why, it is recommended that you get the My Book Live Duo with RAID 1enabled for double-safe backup just in case the drive fails. The My Book Live that has only 1 HDD doesn’t have this kind of feature.
The transfer rate is dependent on the bandwidth of your internet connection.


For personal use, the personal cloud drive network using WD’s My Book Live Duo is a great and cost-efficient and effective way to access and share your files any time and any where in the world.
But if you want more options, more functionality, and larger storage capacity, you can always opt for other NAS (Networkd Attached Storage) devices, like Drobo 5D, QNAP or NetGear.
The Western Digital My Book Live Duo is great for personal and home use. But I would not recommend and rely on this for business purposes or if you are planning to store important data on it. Instead go for business or enterprise class devices, that supportsenterprise-class hard drives (or solid state drives), such as; WD Sentinel DX4000,Drobo 5D or Drobo B1200i.
Oh, by the way you might be looking for review on the WD My Book Live Duo, ignore the reviews and customer feedback starting 2011 down. Those where the times when the Western Digital is still improving their My Book Live Duo. If you look at the 2012 reviews and customer feedbacks from Amazon, there are a lot of people who liked the My Book Live Duo and finds it a great way for a personal cloud storage drive.

Tips on Choosing a Dedicated Server Online Business

Tips on Choosing A Dedicated Server

So your online business or website is a success and it is constantly gaining more and more traffic. There are times that you may experience high traffic volumes and your current hosting plan may no longer be able to accommodate your site’s traffic and needs. Then going for a dedicated server is the best option. Upgrading to a dedicated server from a shared hosting or VPS also means expanding your business to new horizons, allowing your business or site to cater more visitors. But before you buy a dedicated server, here are some tips on choosing a dedicated server that may help you answer some question when choosing the right hosting company and dedicated server for you.

Dedicated Servers, aside from having control over your hardware, can make your site perform better, access data faster and you will be able to accommodate high volume of traffic. Before are key elements that you should look into a server.


This is probably the first thing that you would encounter. What type of processor should I choose? Should you go for 1 processor, 2 or 4 processors? Just to clarify things, when I say 1 processor, I mean 1 physical processor that could be a dual core or a quad core processor. That means in a 2 processor or Dual processor setup, you get two physical processors, and so on.

Usually, if you have just upgraded from a shared hosting or VPS hosting, a single quad core CPU would be the best option. But if you plan to run many processes, queries, crons, scripts and etc., then you might want to go for a 2 processor setup. You can always upgrade later to a higher processor if you need to.

You might notice that some Single processor servers have higher clock speeds compared to Dual processor servers. This does not mean that they are faster. Having a Dual processor server or Quad processor basically means your server can run processes in parallel, thus getting the job done faster.

It is suggested that you should go for Xeon Processors since they perform better than AMD processors. It is also suggested that you should contact and ask the web host company first so that they could suggest the right plan for you.


RAM or Memory also plays an important role in your dedicated server. Just like the memory in your PC or laptop, the higher the memory you have the better your computer / server will perform.

Bandwidth refers to how big your server can accommodate data being transferred from and to your site’s visitors. Just think of it as a tunnel for car vehicles. The larger the tunnel and the wider the road is, the more traffic it can accommodate. Usually hosting companies offer 10TB to 30TB of bandwidth. There are also some hosting companies that offer 100TB unmetered bandwidth to all their dedicated servers.

Storage Type: HDD vs SSD

Storage is also important in your dedicated server. Basically, this is where all your data and files will be stored. So it’s up to you how big your storage should be.

You might also want to consider getting a RAID setup if you are storing important data. Having a RAID configuration, like storage redundancy ensures that there is a backup of your files in case the current drive where your files are stored fails.

Some hosting companies also offers software based RAID and hardware based RAID. Although RAID cards can be expensive but they are more reliable and better than software based RAID configuration.

Now, some web hosting companies offer SSD or Solid State disk. Should you get SSD or HDD? Solid State Drives are significantly faster and better than hard drives. But they are more expensive and storage capacity is lower compared to HDD. HDD are cheaper, offers more storage capacity, but they have a lower Mean Time Before Failure rate compared to SSD.

Which storage setup would you choose will depend on what kind of data is being stored in your server, how often does your site reads and writes on your storage drives, and the likes.

Operating System

Usually you are given the option for a Linux type or Windows dedicated server. Most people would prefer Linux since it is more secure than Windows but it can be difficult to manage specially if you do not have sufficient knowledge on Linux operating systems. But don’t worry, you can always opt for a Managed Dedicated Server and let the hosting company do all the maintenance for you.

Migration and Deployment

Most probably, people or company who are transferring or upgrading to a dedicated server came from a shared hosting or VPS. Migration process can be painful and stressful if not done properly and fast enough. Talk to the web hosting company first. Make sure that they can take care of the migration process in as little time as possible without any problems.

You may have probably read from forums about people complaining during the migration process. This is not easy as copying and pasting your files from one drive to another. So you better talk to a customer rep or a technical rep of the hosting company you plan to transfer and make sure they can migrate your files without any problems.

Deployment time is also important. The sooner the dedicated server provider can deploy your server, the better. Some dedicated server hosting can deploy the servers in less than an hour.

Uptime Guarantee

As much as possible, always look for a dedicated server hosting company that offers 99.99% or 100% uptime guarantee. It’s important that your site or business is open 24/7/365. You would not want a visitor coming to your page and suddenly receive a warning “Error: Page could not be load”, right?

Customer Support

Always make sure that Dedicated Server hosting offers a 24/7/365 customer support. Aside from tickets, email and chat support, it’s also important that they can be reached through phone calls at any time. You also need to consider how fast the support would respond and how fast can they solve the problem. You definitely would not want your business to be offline even for a minute.
Managed vs Unmanaged

After you have successfully chosen your hardware and configured it for your dedicated server, it’s time to choose whether you should opt for a Managed Dedicated Server, Unmanaged Dedicated Server or Semi-Managed Dedicated Server.

Managed Dedicated Servers – If you choose this option, you do not have to worry about maintaining your servers. The hosting company will do that for you. Usually the company maintains and monitors the condition and operation of your server in a Managed Dedicated Server. This is advantageous specially if you do not want to do the dirty jobs and you just want to focus on your business. Most companies or individuals would choose this option. However, a Managed Dedicated Servers entails additional cost.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server – In this type of Dedicated Server, you are in full control and you are responsible in maintaining your servers. It’s quite the opposite of a Managed Dedicated Server. This option does not entail additional cost. But this type of dedicated server is not recommended for those who are new or does not have sufficient knowledge when it comes to operating a dedicated server.

Semi-Managed Dedicated Server – This type of dedicated server is not common to all hosting company. Only a few hosting company has this option. Semi-Managed Dedicated Server means that you, as the owner, are partly responsible in the operation and maintenance of your servers, same goes with the hosting company. Hosting companies that have this option usually indicates as to what extent the hosting company will do for your dedicated server. This type of hosting is cheaper compared to a Managed Dedicated Server and is recommended to those who have sufficient and moderate knowledge on maintaining and operating a dedicated server.


One last thing, make sure to check the specs and compare the prices from other hosting company. Most of the time the Xeon E3-1230 Dedicated Server’s price is not the same from one web host to another. The reason is some of the server’s specs are different. A web host company may price their server a little bit higher because they might have features that a competitor does not have, or the hardware they used might be better compared to others. Always compare their prices.

There you have it, I hope this “Tips on Choosing a Dedicated Server” helped you somehow. Remember, always ask questions first and clear things that you are unsure of.

VPS.Net Cloud Servers Reviews & Information

VPS.Net Cloud Servers Review

Once your account is created it is easy to create a new cloud server, simply fill in the details (server name, hostname, number of nodes etc), you will then need to choose a ‘Template’. The templates are prebuild servers made by VPS.Net, these save you the time of installing apache etc yourself.


Prices start at only $20 for US visitors or £15 for UK visitors, at time of writing this price gives you;
Dedicated CPU – 0.6GHz
RAM – 376MB
Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 250GB

Cpanel costs an extra $10/£7.50 per month and it’s $1.50/£1 per month per additional IP address (you get 1 as standard).

To get a quote on a VPS Cloud that you require please visit the VPS.Net website.
Our Usage

After a lot of consideration we decided to replace our dedicated server for a Cloud VPS due to it’s obvious advantages.

We decided to take a chance on, and this is the server that you are viewing this website on right now along with some of our other websites. We will use other websites we own to test other Cloud Servers.

Our Review

The signup process is very simple, you just need to select the plan that you want by sliding the marker to increase and decrease the values. We suggest you consider what kind of plan you need carefully, if your just starting out remember you will not need a large cloud server. The best thing about a cloud server is that you are able to upgrade at any point so if you just have a couple of small sites start off on a small package and upgrade when needed. We suggest you use a non-free email address (an ISP email address or a domain email address) as this will ensure you do not need extra verification on your order (to prevent fraud) and will speed up your regisitration.

You start by choosing the country you want it hosted in, you then choose the operating system (eg centos, ubuntu) you would like, then you can pick a number of variations, for example, with apache or with apache and Cpanel (if paid for) or just the operating system etc. If you feel that you can install everything by yourself you can, if not choose a template.

Once created it is just like a normal server. If you have chosen to have WHM/Cpanel you will need to follow the setup wizard at yourIP:2086 (login with username ‘root’ and the password will be specified once you create the cloud server), the setup is simple enough.

The speed of the server seems very good, ping tests using HostTracker show that our cloud server from VPS.Net actually loads slighly quicker than a normal VPS hosted with another company. In general speed has been very good and we haven’t noticed any slow periods and things like Cpanel etc load quickly.

General support is free of charge, we do not have response times as we have never contacted Support as we haven’t developed any problems as of yet, although sales team responded quickly to emails and Live Chat with sales is also answered within about 10 seconds. What is included in the General Support? Good question, here is what we think. VPS.Net also has paid support under ‘Server Administration’, we presume this is for queries like ‘can you setup Cpanel for me?’, this will either cost a one off $10/£7 for 24hours, or you can choose a monthly charge of $99/£69.
Our advice is that the server is generally easy to setup due to the templates and setup wizards, if you do enough research (Google) then you could probably handle most server issues/administration that you would need to so don’t bother paying the extra. If you don’t have a clue about any server administration then just pay the $10 for 1 day, get them to set it up for you, then only use them when you need to, if you get it setup the way you want first time round you shouldn’t need to change anything any time soon.

Overall we can strongly recommend VPS.Net, we have found them to be very good and we wouldn’t be running this site on them if we didn’t believe they were good enough.

Rackspace Cloud Review & General Information

Rackspace Cloud Review & General Information

Rackspace Cloud Files offers:

  • Use as much or as little storage as you want and pay as you grow
  • Store files as small as a few bytes or as large as 5 GB
  • High performance, redundant online storage starting at 15 cents a GB
  • Serve media to your users around the globe – fast!
  • Utilize CDN bandwidth starting at only 22 cents a GB
  • Sign up with no minimum commitments or contracts


Our Usage

Remember for this test we have only tested Rackspace’s Cloud Files not Rackpaces Cloud Servers. For our tests we were using around 16GB/month on Cloud Files on one of our more popular sites where a large number of images are stored, currently around 66,000 requests a month with nearly 4000 files coming in at 0.40GB total in size.
Our Review

For the above statistics we were charged a total of around $5. The cost taking into account how much a dedicated server would cost is very little so we can then host the rest of our site on very low powered Shared Hosting Account, VPS or dedicated server with little bandwidth or hard drive space. Therefore it is a financially viable way to host your files.

In relation to speed, Rackspace Cloud Files appear to load as quick as, if not quicker than, images of an equal size elsewhere. We will carry out proper speed tests in due course.

Rackspace support respond to their support tickets promptly, usually within ‘working hours’, and responses are generally very informative. They also have a live chat support feature which allows access to instant support. (This has currently been untested by ourselves, meaning we are unable to comment on this so far, however, when we use this facility, our thoughts will be reported on here)

We quite like that Rackspace Cloud File comes with a control panel to allow you to manage your files, unlike Amazon’s S3 that throws you in at the deep end so-to-speak and expects you to find your own tools. We found that fireuploader(firefox plugin) is a great tool to use with Rackspace Cloud Files.

Unfortunately at the moment Rackspace Cloud Files does not support Cname, for more detailed information on Cname use a reliable search engine, but for now it basically means that you are unable to to make the file ‘appear’ to come from your domain. After talking with Rackspace Support, they have informed me that this feature is due to be implemented in Q2 of 2010. We will keep you updated on this.

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10 Interesting Facts About Indian Independence

Today, lets find out more about Independence day. Why was the midnight of 15th August 1947 chosen as the date & time for Indian Independence?

We can divide the above question into 3 sub-questions:
Why 1947?
Why 15th August?
Why midnight?

Let us look into each of the above and find out the answers

Why 1947?
The awakening of masses by Gandhi and the activities of Bose behind the scenes (of strengthening Indian National Army) which had intensified during 1940s were already a cause of concern for the British.

By the time the World War II had come to an end in 1945, the British were financially weak (sources indicate they were in the verge of bankruptcy) and were struggling to rule their own country, let alone their colonies. The victory of Labour party in the Britain elections of 1945 was received very well by our freedom fighters because the Labour party had promised to work on granting independence to English colonies including India.
1. National flag was hoisted first on August 7, 1906 at the Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta. The flag was composed of horizontal strips of red, yellow and green. The red strip at the top had eight white lotuses embossed on it in a row. The green strip had a white sun on the left and a white crescent and star on the right.

2. It is said that the first version of the current national flag was made by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada in 1921. It was made up of two colours-red and green-representing the two major communities. Gandhiji suggested the addition of a white strip to represent the remaining communities of India and the spinning wheel to symbolise progress of the Nation.Facts About Indian Independence

3. Another Interesting Facts about Indian Independence is that When India became independent on August 15, 1947 there was no National Anthem. Even though the Bengali invocation of Jana Gana Mana was written in 1911, it was not considered as national anthem till 1950.

4. Mountbatten chose the day since Aug 15 as it also commemorated the second anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces. North Korea, South Korea, Bahrain and Republic of the Congo share their independence day with India.

5. On August 15, 1947, when India became free from the foreign rule, Mahatma Gandhi was in Calcutta. Gandhiji spent his day in prayers, fasting and spinning protesting the madness of communal hatred.

6. Interestingly, Gandhiji wanted the Congress to be disbanded immediately after the independence. This resolution for Congress, drafted by Gandhiji on the eve of his assassination, said, “India having attained political independence through means devised by the INC, the Congress in its present shape and form, i.e., as a propaganda vehicle and parliamentary machine had outlived its use.”

7. One more Interesting Facts about Indian Independence is that After India’s independence, Portugal amended its constitution and declared Goa as a Portuguese state. Indian troops invaded Goa on December 19, 1961 and annexed it to India.

8. After India attained Independence, 560 princely states joined the Indian union. 2 others, Hyderabad and Junagadh, were annexed by the Indian army.

9. The border between India and the newly-formed Pakistan was established by the Boundary Commission, a body appointed by Lord Louis Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India. The commission was headed by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, a British lawyer. Pakistan was created to provide a homeland for Muslims, but the partition led to an estimated one million deaths in communal violence after the two nations became independent.

10. Lord Mountbatten read out a message in Delhi from Britain’s King George VI. “Freedom-loving peoples everywhere will wish to share in your celebrations,” the message said. “For with this transfer of power by consent comes the fulfillment of the great democratic ideal to which the British and Indian peoples alike are firmly dedicated.”

Why 15th Aug?
It was Lord Mountbatten who had personally decided the date of Aug 15 because he had considered that date to be “very lucky” for his career. During the World War II, it was on Aug 15, 1945 (Japan timezone) that the Japanese Army had surrendered before him (Lord Mountbatten was the commander of the allied forces).

Why midnight?
When the date of independence was decided in “June 3 plan” and announced to public, there was an outrage among astrologers across the country because 15-Aug-1947 was an “unfortunate & unholy” date according to astrological calculations. Alternative dates were suggested but Lord Mountbatten was adamant on Aug 15 (since it was his lucky date). As a workaround, the astrologers suggested the midnight hour between Aug 14 and 15 due to the simple reason that the day according to English starts at 12 AM, but according to Hindu calendar, starts at sunrise.

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The 10 Best Photobombs Ever

These should get you laughing. We had to cut a few of the more outrageous pictures since they weren’t work friendly.

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Parineeti Chopra Cover Women's Health Magazine August 2015

The Women’s Health July-August 2014 issue has the feisty Parineeti Chopra on the cover, wearing a form-fitting New Look dress and Isharya ring. In our cover story, she talks about her career change from marketeer to actor, her love for food and how she dropped 16 kg to get her current fab figure.

>Parineeti Chopra Cover Women's Health Magazine August 2015

Parineeti Chopra Cover Women's Health Magazine August 2015

Parineeti Chopra Cover Women's Health Magazine August 2015

Parineeti Chopra Cover Women's Health Magazine August 2015

It’s also the Big gender Issue and we get between the sheets with our readers! See how you stack up against the 1,200+ women who took the WH Sex Survey. Get a grip on his ‘stick’, delve into guys’ minds to know their deepest, darkest secrets, learn to give a sensuous massage and shop your shape for sexy nightwear. Plus, we tell you how to sculpt a tight tush. The issue is out on the stands. Go get some sexpiration now!

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Cloud Hosting of Fast Emerging Technology

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting, Cloud computing and cloud architecture are the latest and new technologies quickly.

How To Choose Trusted Dedicated Linux Hosting

How To Choose Trusted Dedicated Linux Hosting
If you think that the Server hosting, Website hosting, or just about anything to do with computers one name really stands out windows.