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Friday, May 18

2 Chainz - Murder Lyrics

2 Chainz - Murder Lyrics
2 Chainz - Murder Lyrics

Murder, Murder, This Right Here That Murder
Pulled The Car Out The Garage, ..

They Screaming Bloody Murder
Murder, Murder Chalk Line Around Your Daughter
3 Cell Phones And I Still Don't Ever Call Her

Murder, Murder, Smoking On That Murder
If A Girl Out With Me, Just Know She Murder
Murder, Murder, Take Her Ass Like Burglar
Then I Put Her On The Loud And..
 Feed Her Turkey Burgers

Murder, Murder, This Is Bloody Murder
All This Ice All Over Me, ..
I Should Wear A Thermos
Murder, Murder, Hit You With The Burner
Hit You With The Burner, ..
Hit You With The Burner

Murder, Murder, Yea I'm Killing N-Ggas Beats
When I'm Out Of Town And ..
On The Stage It's Rest In Peace
Murder, Murder Somebody Call My Lawyer
They Said I Was Killing Tennessee..
 When I Was Down In Florida
Murder, Murder, My Shoes None Than A Quarter
Rapping With The Murder ..
Team Nobody Wanna Record Us
Murder, Murder Listen To The Chorus
N-Ggas Wanna Know How I Get It When I Get
Don't Worry, Just Know It's Murder

This Right Here Is Murderous
I'm Mama Kreay The Gangsterous
From The East To The .
.West It Gets Dangerous
When You Get That Dough On Display And Shit
Bitches Will Be Hating This
But My Mind Still ..
Climbs For Greater-Ness
That Money That I'm Playing With
Put A Whole In Your Head ..
With No Blame For It..Saying It
I'm Kaying...Come Back To ..
The Block And I'm Spraying It
Delaying, I'm Stopping It

Put A End To Your Life, I'm Blocking It
Your Career Bitch, You Was Never On
I Heard 2 Chainz Blocked You Off His Phone
Bitch Don't Call Him If You Ain't 'Bout To Ho
Bitch Don't Call Him If You Ain't 'Bout The Doe