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Tuesday, June 12


Rihanna is unhappy with The Sun newspaper is an understatement. The British outlet reported that RiRi used a body double in her Armani ad closeups, and the ‘Where Have You Been’ singer lashed out — where else? — on Twitter.

A source told The Sun that a model named Jahnassa Aicken’s bod appears in the commercial. “Jahnassa’s torso, body and bum appear in parts of the ad,” the source revealed. However, Aicken allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement blocking her from talking about the gig.

That’s with pretty good reason: the makers of the ad could be in deep doo-doo if in fact Rihanna’s booty wasn’t in those shots. An Advertising Standards Authority spokesman warned, “If we have complaints consumers have been misled by the use of a body double, we will investigate.”

You can check out the ad below and decide for yourself. Do you think Rihanna had a body double? Tell us in the comments!