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Thursday, August 9

Asher Roth - The World Is Not Enough Lyrics

Asher Roth - The World Is Not Enough Lyrics Asher Roth - The World Is Not Enough Lyrics
The World
Thought I Could Save 
The World With The Rhythm To Rhyme
But Then I Came To Find They Had A Prison In Mind
With Violence On The Rise Got Us Livin’ In Crime
They Wanna Lock Us Up, Take Your Position In Life
Well, By God, If This Isn’T A Sign
Then We Have No Idea What We’Ve Been Visited By
Yea, You Bet It’S Real, We All Be Shouldn’T Lyin’
But They Say It Has Show, Man This Isn’T The Time
But When Is It?

Our People Been Evicted From Homes 
They Grew Up In But Nobody Cares To Listen
Man It’S Pretty Sick, 
They Tryna Vill Of Our Religions 
And Pit Us Against Each Other 
When Nobody’S Really Livin’
Capitalism, This Is A Growing Issue
You With Us Or Against Us? Pick Which One Is You
Won’T Be Until This Fuckin’ Revolution Lives
That They Already Out For, 
Ready To Come And Get You
This World

This World Is Never Enough, Man, 
The World Ain’T Never Enough...4x

Am I The Last One Left? Peace, 
Love And Happiness
Or Just Another Stupid Rappin’ 
Mouth That’S Got A Stupid Ass To Kiss?
So I Could Get A Buck With Blood 
Suckers Live It Up

Just Give Me Something Man
Why Is It Have To Come To Pistol, Cuffs?
These Drugs Bad Man And 
They Snorting Up Bad Salts
Head Raw And Crack Raw. What’S In The Bag Dog?
Steal It From My Dad Just To Get It Some Cash
We Face A Tall Task Dad, 
Y’All Enough With The Fast Talk
Give It To Me Straight, There’S So Much I Could Take
Why They Multiply The Crimes 
And The Violence By Hate?

On The Radio They Play Only Things They Pay
Man, It’S A Shame Cuz 
The Music Was Our Only Escape So
Now We All Alone And Everybody’S A Clone
Cuz Everybody’S Always On The Cellular Phone
So Now We Getting Slow And Becoming A Drone
We’Re Missing Out On Really Living, 
I Just Want You To Know
This World

This World Is Never Enough, Man, 
The World Ain’T Never Enough..4x