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Tuesday, August 14

Ciara - Sorry Lyrics

Ciara - Sorry Lyrics Ciara - Sorry Lyrics

We Were Chillin At The House
I Said I Was Done And Told You Get Out
I Did't Mean A Word I Said
Cuz I Was Hopin' You Would Come Back
I Tried And Tried
And I Cried And Cried Up Late At Night
And I Hurt
I Tried To Fight And Fight And
I Cried To God
Please Let It Just Work
I Was Going Crazy With You
You Had Me So Confused 
I Walked Away
You Walked Away
And We Should Have Stayed 

You Know The Last Time
We Spoke Gotta Say 
It Felt Like Good Times
Through All The Bull
I Was Still Happy To Hear From You
You Said All The Right Things
But The One Thing You Couldn't 
Seem To Understand Was That
All You Had To Do Was Say .. I Am Sorry