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Wednesday, September 12

Kreayshawn - Twerkin Lyrics

Kreayshawn - Twerkin Lyrics Kreayshawn ft. Diplo & Sissy Nobby - Twerkin Lyrics

Booty Poppin’ On The Floor
Don’T Be Shy Better Be Her Score
On The Ground Or On The Table
Stand Up Make That Booty Stable
Like Milian And Dip It Low
Quicky Quicky Girl
While You On The Pole
You Ain’T No Ho
Girl We Know
We Just Wanna See That Bootyhole

Look At That Booty Like The World So Round
Like Ra-Ra Take It To The Ground
Don’T Play Dumb Or Will Take You To The Town
Where Bops Like You, They Get Turned Out
So Come On Girl We Ain’T No Cops