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Friday, September 7

Lexy - Nolza Lyrics

Lexy - Nolza Lyrics
Lexy - Nolza Lyrics Lexy - Nolza Lyrics

Uh Uh Uh Let’S Go
L-E-X-Y I’M So Fly
You Know We’Re Gonna Tear The Roof Tonight
Report To The Dance Floor (Oh!)
Dj Turn It Up Come On (Ho!)
You Gotta Gimme Some More
I Can’T Stop When The Beat Go Boom Boom

Wouwoeoeoeoo Deo Keuge Sorichyeo Oh Oh Oh Oh
We’Ll Party All Night Long
(Now Get Ya Get Ya Get Get Ya Get Ya Hands Up Now)
We’Ll Party On
(Damicheo Micheo Mimicheomicheo Gabolkka)
Are You Ready To Party (자 Let’S Go)
Gominttawin Halpillyo Eopdago
Jayurowojyeo Naeireun Eobseo
Ibameul Taewo Go Let’S Go

A 1
Yea Lets Get Wild Imma Do It Again Uh
Naega Dasidorawasseuni
Party Up Party People In The Place To Be
Hanmyeongdo Ppajimeobsi
Jeulgyeo Michindeusi~
No No Noljunbi Dadoesseumyeon Seodulleo Hurry Up
Urin Seongjilgeuphangeon Daaljanha We’Re Korean
Call Me Up Holla At Ya Girl
Miri Bunwigie Imi Chwihalgeol
All Yall Say The Queen Is Back
Dodaeche How Many Queens Are That?

Stress Ttawin Nallyeobeoryeo Jeongsinjul Jjallabeoryeo
Aedeureun Jom Ppalli Bonaego Bamsae 
Dallyeo Hwak Taewobeoryeo
Hook Repeat

Enjoy Jigeum Isungan
Mankeumirago Make Your Body Rock
Naeireun Naeil Geokjeonghago
Hwanggeumjumal Bultaneun Geumto
Friday Till Sunday Morning
Meomchujimalgo Keep It Goin
Binjandeureul Kkwakchaewo
B Repeat
Hook Repeat
Noljunbiga Doesseumyeon Seodulleo Hurry Up
Urin Seongjilgeuphangeon Da 
Aljanha We’Re Korean Banbog