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Sunday, October 28

Big Sean - She Lyrics

Big Sean ft. Common - She Lyrics
Big Sean ft. Common - She Lyrics Big Sean ft. Common - She Lyrics

[Hook: Big Sean]
Oh God...She Gon’ Have It
She Gon’ Keep It..She Said She Gon’ Have It
She Gon’ Keep It..She Gon’ Have It
Aww Shit There Go Our Little Secret

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
It Was All Good Just A Week Ago
Worst Problem That I Had Was 
That My Speakers Blown
In My Whip, Fuck It I Got Me A Job
I Feel Rich I Ain’T Gotta Sell Weed I’M Legit
Shit I Seen Her Pull Up In A Parking Lot First
Thought I Had Was Hotties, 

Hoes Didn’T Find Where I Work
Then Her Friend, “Hey Go Girl Go Tell Em’”
I Knew She Was Mad As Hell When 
That Bitch Said, “Tell Em’”
All Because I Hit And Stop Textin’
But Before I Finish That Thought 
She Told Me She Pregnant (The Fuck?)


[Verse 2: Big Sean]
She Like I Ain’T Try To Argue With It, 
I Know You Got Bitches
I Just Hit You Back Because 
I’M Moving Forward With This Shit
Really My Mom And My Aunt 
Was My Father Figures
I Just Figured With Fathers It Might 
Make All The Difference
I’M Sayin’, “Is It Mine? Do We Gotta Get 
Maury Involved With It?”

“How Many Niggas You Think That 
I Done Had All In It? Stupid Nigga”
I Don’T Even Know Why I’M Sayin Shit’
I Hate To Be On That All-Nigga’S-The-Same Shit
But Shit I’M Saying Girl It Is What It Is

We Talking Kids With A Kid 
And A Crib With A Crib
But I Ain’T Tryin’ To Leave Believe
I Would Be A Good Dad Just Like 
My Dad Was To Me
And I Can’T Tell You To Kill 
That Shit My Mom Had Me
And I Can’T Tell You To Keep 
A Shit We Ain’T Ready
Now I Gotta Tell My Family To Pull Up A Seat
Cause I Planted A Seed And About To 
Extend The Family Tree
And We So Stressed Out That 
I Called Her Weed Man
I Prolly Gotta Bout A Whole Family Tree


[Verse 3: Big Sean (Common)]
Granny Called My Mom Sayin’ I Have Demons
I Heard My Parents Talkin’ In The Next Bed
(To Raise Sean We Damn Near 
Had To Give Our Left Leg
What The Hell They Teachin’ These Kids In Sex Ed?)
Everything That I Forgot 
While Getting The Best Head

I Know Couples Who Took Classes 
Cause They Couldn’T
I Know Ball Players Who Pay 
Strippers So They Wouldn’T
What Really Make Me Feel Like I Ain’T Shit
Is That I Still Gotta Tell My Main Chick

Fuck, There Go Our Little Secret
She Gon’ Have It
She Gon’ Keep It
9 Months Later Shit We Gon’ See It
Damn, Aww Shit