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Thursday, October 11

Raxstar - Flirt Lyrics

Raxstar & DJ Surinder Rattan - Flirt Lyrics Raxstar & DJ Surinder Rattan - Flirt Lyrics

Akhan Naal Kehgayi Dil Dil Dil Dil
Akhan Naal Kehgayi Dil Dil Dil Dil
Akhan Naal Kehgayi Dil Dil Dil Dil
Khan Naal Kehgayi Dil Tera Sajana

Look I Don't Normally Do This
And Before You Start Making Excuses
I Can See It In Your Face That You're Ruthless
I Aint Said Nothing Why You Throwing Up Your Deuces?
Let Me Talk To You
The Place Where You're Going Let Me Walk You To,

I Must Admit I Like A Little Akhar (Attitude),
I Don't Want You Easy To Break Like A Papadh (Poppadom),
You Look Cute When You Has Has (Laugh),
Twenty For Your Thoughts Like Das Das (Ten / Tell Me)
I Know You Aint Really In A Rush Rush,
So Just Stop For A Minute Like Bas Bas, (Stop)
Just Calm It Down,
You Know You'd Look So Good With My Arm Around You,
She Said I'm Pagal (Crazy) I Said I'm Playing,
But Your Eyes Are Telling Me What Your Mouth Aint Saying

Akhan Naal Keghai Dil Tera Sajana
(With Her Eyes She Said I'm Yours)

Why You Wana Take Take Take
And Not Give Give Give
I Just Want To Show You How I Live Live Live,
You Aint Gotta Tell Them What We Did Did Did,
Everybody Wants To Know What My Business Is,
But We Could Start Off With A Hanji Hello,
She Was Like Naa Ji N.O.


Lol That Usually Never Fails,
Still Got A Soft Spot For Ghetto Girls,
I Like Them With Brains Though They Got To Be Smart,
These Days Some Of Them Are Too Chalaak (Cunning)
Like Kuri Mere Haan Di (A Girl Similar To Me),
Please Never Leave Like "Peer Tere Jaan Di"
( "The Pain Of You Leaving"),

You Should Stay For A While,
Every Time I See You Its Making Me Smile,
So Why You Wanna Settle For A Cash And Carry?
We Should Be A Power Couple Like Ash And Abhi