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Tuesday, June 23

Cloud Hosting of Fast Emerging Technology

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Hosting, Cloud computing and cloud architecture are the latest and new technologies quickly.
There are many explanations for the term cloud. Many are confused between the concepts of grid
computing and cloud computing. Cloud hosting systems are becoming increasingly popular as web hosts, basically shared hosting providers have to deal with a large amount of Web pages that require increasing amounts of resources.

It is the best definition of Cloud Hosting find in Wikipedia. I want to take it as a completely new and advanced method of computer technology. The main difference that I see is that cloud computing purchase, user-computer technology as a service rather than a product.

The Cloud can build as an approach to computer architecture and delivery of services and applications are considered to customers with scalable, Virtualized resources and software resources made available as a service. The Cloud can be considered as a process of combining the physical computing resources to the Internet networks.

A Cloud Hosting is said to be the most popular type of hosting solution to. With this it would be possible to provide services to “pay per call basis”. A Cloud Hosting architecture, through the use of existing virtualized and clustered techniques can be achieved. The web hosting provider must use the failover cluster or high availability (HA) Cluster, which ensure that the web hosting service provided by Cloud is redundant, with several nodes that can offer dynamically scalable resources can. A clustered system is the basic requirement of cloud hosting solution.

The Cloud Hosting services are generally to load balancing cluster, in which the data is stored on Storage Area Network (SAN). Each of the servers in the cluster can be easily added or removed from the system if necessary. If each server for maintenance shut down, or is otherwise out of service, other nodes are in a position under the load.


  1. Consumers are for the use of invoice processing cycles, 
  2. An indicator that measures how much computing time to use the web hosting customer applications, 
  3. You pay only for the resources they use 
  4. You can easily increase or decrease resources 
  5. Web hosts can get any new servers immediately provided 
  6. To provide capacity to meet increased availability as a web-hosting services of standard servers, 
  7. With cloud technology can use various technologies together as part of the same cloud 
  8. One need not buy or install hardware or software at any time.