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Wednesday, September 30

VPS.Net Cloud Servers Reviews & Information

VPS.Net Cloud Servers Review

Once your account is created it is easy to create a new cloud server, simply fill in the details (server name, hostname, number of nodes etc), you will then need to choose a ‘Template’. The templates are prebuild servers made by VPS.Net, these save you the time of installing apache etc yourself.


Prices start at only $20 for US visitors or £15 for UK visitors, at time of writing this price gives you;
Dedicated CPU – 0.6GHz
RAM – 376MB
Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 250GB

Cpanel costs an extra $10/£7.50 per month and it’s $1.50/£1 per month per additional IP address (you get 1 as standard).

To get a quote on a VPS Cloud that you require please visit the VPS.Net website.
Our Usage

After a lot of consideration we decided to replace our dedicated server for a Cloud VPS due to it’s obvious advantages.

We decided to take a chance on, and this is the server that you are viewing this website on right now along with some of our other websites. We will use other websites we own to test other Cloud Servers.

Our Review

The signup process is very simple, you just need to select the plan that you want by sliding the marker to increase and decrease the values. We suggest you consider what kind of plan you need carefully, if your just starting out remember you will not need a large cloud server. The best thing about a cloud server is that you are able to upgrade at any point so if you just have a couple of small sites start off on a small package and upgrade when needed. We suggest you use a non-free email address (an ISP email address or a domain email address) as this will ensure you do not need extra verification on your order (to prevent fraud) and will speed up your regisitration.

You start by choosing the country you want it hosted in, you then choose the operating system (eg centos, ubuntu) you would like, then you can pick a number of variations, for example, with apache or with apache and Cpanel (if paid for) or just the operating system etc. If you feel that you can install everything by yourself you can, if not choose a template.

Once created it is just like a normal server. If you have chosen to have WHM/Cpanel you will need to follow the setup wizard at yourIP:2086 (login with username ‘root’ and the password will be specified once you create the cloud server), the setup is simple enough.

The speed of the server seems very good, ping tests using HostTracker show that our cloud server from VPS.Net actually loads slighly quicker than a normal VPS hosted with another company. In general speed has been very good and we haven’t noticed any slow periods and things like Cpanel etc load quickly.

General support is free of charge, we do not have response times as we have never contacted Support as we haven’t developed any problems as of yet, although sales team responded quickly to emails and Live Chat with sales is also answered within about 10 seconds. What is included in the General Support? Good question, here is what we think. VPS.Net also has paid support under ‘Server Administration’, we presume this is for queries like ‘can you setup Cpanel for me?’, this will either cost a one off $10/£7 for 24hours, or you can choose a monthly charge of $99/£69.
Our advice is that the server is generally easy to setup due to the templates and setup wizards, if you do enough research (Google) then you could probably handle most server issues/administration that you would need to so don’t bother paying the extra. If you don’t have a clue about any server administration then just pay the $10 for 1 day, get them to set it up for you, then only use them when you need to, if you get it setup the way you want first time round you shouldn’t need to change anything any time soon.

Overall we can strongly recommend VPS.Net, we have found them to be very good and we wouldn’t be running this site on them if we didn’t believe they were good enough.